1) Keep moving: usually you wake and get up, sit down for breakfast, drive to work, sit all day working, back in the car to home and crash on the couch. The key here is to get to the gym before or after work. If you go straight home there is a 90% chance you will not get out again. If you are not a gym member get out for that run or brisk walk. Join a local group who trains outdoors, (Meetup.com has local groups with different activities)

2) Hydrate: with plenty of water, in the cooler months we don’t feel the need to drink as much water. We still need to get our daily intake of water, on average you should be using this scale: 0.033litres per kg of Bodyweight. During the cooler months it’s much easier to drink more warmer drinks like coffee or tea, which are diabetics which dehydrate you.

3) Eating: comfort food….. Way to nice and yummy, making you feel better. We are not saying don’t eat it, just limit your intake. Try swapping your mashed potato for sweet potato and pumpkin, (lower GI) maintain you green vegetables as they are loaded with nutrients to keep the bugs at bay during Winter.

4) Resistance Training: get yourself to the gym, make it an appointment so you don’t miss out on your Health. Whilst at the gym, concentrate on the big muscle groups. Compound exercises (squats, lunges, lat pulls, chest press) these burn more energy than isolation exercises, raising your metabolism and building lean muscle mass for long lasting fat burning.

5) Sunshine: getting a daily dose of vitamin D helps lift your moods which can combat eating cravings. You also can work on your tan, ready for Summer.

6) Portion Sizes: limit the size of your portions, during Winter we tend to eat more, hitting seconds, which we don’t need. If your not exercising as much you need to limit the portion sizes. Energy in to energy out.

7) Planning: You fail to plan, you plan to fail. Plan your week ahead, write your schedule down in the diary and make it happen. If your demotivated get a Personal Trainer or grab a buddy to train with. Have some accountability to yourself and others. Plan your food for the week on the weekend for breakfast, lunch and dinners and snacks. Set yourself up for success.

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