So you call yourself a triathlete………..but are you following a triathlete’s plan!

Most amateur triathletes read the Australian Triathlete Magazine, download free stuff from the internet and follow their mates advice when it comes to programming, nutrition and the latest in training techniques. The problem with following the crowd is you end up with the rest of the pack.

As a triathlete time is your best resource, following proven methods to saving you time………time on the bike, time in the pool, time running and of course reducing time in an event. Plus the time it takes to filter through the myths from the facts as you go about your busy life. Having more time to train, rest and enjoy life by going straight to a professional resource of tools, personalised plans and the latest in triathlon coaching.

This program is for

  • Anyone looking to go from good to great
  • Who wants to be more competitive
  • Who wants to get the best coaching from coaches who have competed in every distance of Triathlons

From Bunbury to Bendigo to Brisbane join this satellite program and expect too

  • Be linked to a National group of people just like you
  • Receive a personalised, periodised training program through Training Peaks App
  • Save time in your training and in your next event
  • Get up to date training and coaching techniques

You receive:

  • Your own experienced triathlon specific coach
  • Program individualized for your event on Training Peaks software
  • Programs: Triathlon specific resistance training, Core and SMR: Self Myofascial Release.
  • Access to affiliations, discounts & potential sponsorships
  • Accountability on your plan
  • Discount to Triathlon Australia membership
  • Merchandise and training gear at discounted cost

After signing up for my first Ironman in 2012. A friend who was training with the Pursue squad recommended I chat to them. Andy worked a program around my schedule, which was around my times when I was away for a few weeks at a time. With emails and phone calls to see how I was progressing and tweaking the program to my needs. Come race day I finished under 11 hours. No doubt it was the program that got me to the finish line in that time and the expert coaching.

… Scott McDonald 2012    

Frequently Asked Questions

This satellite program is perfect for this situation; the sessions are planned to your distance and event. You get to train in your own valuable time and at the end of each week we have a conference call or email to check in and tweak the program to you. You also get the accountability to succeed in your event.

We have proven success with just 3 sessions per week (1 swim, 1 bike, 1 run) we can guarantee you will get to the start line of a small distance triathlon. If you are wishing to do an Olympic size Triathlon then an extra 1-2 sessions per week will get you to your goal. That’s just over 5 hours or training out of 168 hours per week.

Our squad sessions at Pursue are all focused on being friendly and non- threatening. That is our point of difference. We are boutique.
If squad sessions are not for you, this program is perfect for your situation.

Solution is to be coached in our satellite program so you still get that accountability and feedback from the sessions. The programs are designed for your capability and goals.

When you’re away you can train, all you need is access to a pool, a road or a stationary bike and the solution is to use the satellite-coaching program. Where you still get that accountability for success. When you are back you still get to train with the squad.

We cater for all, the absolute beginner through to the serious age grouper. Starting from small enticer distances all the way through to Ironman distance. We have a coaching program that will suit you.

All the sessions are periodised over a 12 or 20 week period, depending on your event.
We write up the programs weekly on the Training Peaks App fitted to your schedule and ability, so it is 100% personalised.

Giving feedback is vital for success and getting you the results you have set out for yourself.

The program can be tweaked to fit you.

You get access:

  • Head Coach Andy Budgen and his coaching team with vast amounts of  knowledge and coaching skills
  • Training Peaks software
  • Programs: Triathlon specific resistance training, Core and SMR: Self Myofascial Release.
  • Access to Pursue’s affiliations with discounts
  • Accountability within the program setting you up for success
  • Discount to Triathlon Australia membership
  • Merchandise at great rates
  • Access to squad sessions with PTC

Investment Options:

Individualised Weekly Coaching Program: $50 per week

Programs : Send a message for info on our programs.

Reward yourself and get programmed and coached by Pursue Triathlon Coaching.


Reserve your spot. Give yourself the best chance of succeeding and getting the coaching from people that are passionate about getting results.