The hype behind this specific Garmin has been building for a few months now. The Garmin 910xt is specific for triathletes or multi sport activities.

Being an Ironman triathlete and Head Triathlon coach from Pursue Triathlon Coaching I am always looking for the best equipment for my athletes and myself for training.

Investing into the Garmin, took a bit of research to see if it is suitable for us triathletes. After reading and deciding to finally jump in and buy it. I haven’t looked back.

My first thought it looked bulky on the box…. Wrong it actually fits well and not too in your face. Actually very comfortable and not looking like a laptop on the wrist like the older model.

Setting up the watch was easy and ready to use straight away.

Ok lets find that satellite for the GPS. Get outside and up it came, loaded ready to go now.

My first run was a loop I do to Sandgate and back via Virginia approximately 20kms in total. Off I went closely looking at the watch for pace and time. (Problem with a new toy you can’t leave it alone.) The watch vibrates and beeps every km with your pace time to keep you on track.

The heart rate monitor is easy to use too, either using percentages or beat per minute. Also with the HR zones you can make them personal to you and your training goals.

One big draw card for myself was the watch can be used in the water and can record how far you have travelled, this bamboozled myself and seemed unbelievable. The Garmin can be set to your stroke count too, which will give you your average stroke rate, distance travelled and time. There has been many times I have gone to the pool and trained and forgot how far I have travelled, or using my water bottle as a marker per 100ms. No more, perfect.

My first use of using the multisport function was recently at Ironman New Zealand.

Once set to the 3 disciplines of triathlon, swim, bike and run, with 2 transitions added too.

Once the cannon went off, push of the button, we are off, once over the finish line of the swim, push the button again, transition time (this is when you can see how fast or worse how slow you spend in there) once out of transition with the bike, push button again and we are off again. Heading back to transition once off push the button again T2, head to the run this time and again push the button and we are off, last phase and crossing the line and last push of the button. Final time.

Once you have saved it you can download it on to Garmin connect and analyze your data for the race.
Giving you:

    • Heart Rate
    • Stroke rate
    • Run pace rate and split times per km
    • Transition times
    • Average speed

One down point (when starting in the city, the concrete jungle, it is hard to find the GPS till you are out in the open.)
In conclusion this is probably the best GPS and HR watch I have used to date, very highly recommended. 9 out of 10