These are the people who have the full time jobs, family commitments and still compete at a level, which is competitive. Getting up in the mornings, training In their lunch breaks, training after work if they can squeeze the time in, they are fully committed to their goal and training.

But wait do we have to train for so long and miss out on some important things in life?

No is the answer unless you are training for an Ironman, which is about time in training.

Our squad sessions are packed with quality so the athletes get the most out of the sessions for their goals. Many people are time poor; this is their enemy, so thats why we believe in quality over quantity.
This program is designed for Sprint distance and Olympic size triathlons.

What People Have Said About This Program:

Andy has an incredible passion and enthusiasm for his work and the sport of triathlon that is infectious to anyone who trains with him; it is great to have a coach/mentor who honestly practices what he preaches. I started training with the Pursue Triathlon group just over a year ago, at this time I had raced in a few short distance triathlons and I was looking to increase my training to gain the confidence to complete my first Olympic distance race, which is a goal I have now achieved.  

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